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Who We Are

We are a company of transformative leaders. We believe in possibility and opportunities for all. We trust in the power to create the lives, families, communities and careers we want.

We facilitate conversations to help people create visions that inspire and catalyze innovation and action.

We connect partners and people to expanded networks that encourage and support growth and transformation.

Our Founder

Tanya Renee James, MSW
Managing Principal | Founder of Strategic Outcomes, LLC

Tanya James aims to impact many intersecting social issues by helping groups lead from their deepest values towards their vision for a better future.

Her practice focuses on developing community-driven programming, capacity building, and bringing social justice issues to the forefront of efforts.

Tanya inspires and encourages others to own their power, and to create and lead in a way that transforms and responds to what communities need.

As a facilitator, she designs diverse, multi-stakeholder engagements and action learning experiences that lead to transformational learning and social innovation. She utilizes many methodologies, frameworks, practices, principles and systems thinking. Her academic background is in social work and human resource development.

From her practice of facilitating groups Tanya’s work now encompasses organizational learning, leadership support, community development and systemic change.

Tanya is catalyzing and accelerating community driven leadership necessary to meet the pressing challenges of the 21st century.


Charlene Bridge | All Squared Away
Aron Chang |
Architect/ Planner
Kelly Harris | KHD Communications
Maggie Hermann | In Conversation & Observation
Maria Hinds | Graphic Design
Tronn Miller | Kairos Group
Lolita Ross | SHARED Strategy Group



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